Programme for  2019 – March to August:

4th March

Area Members’ Day

Clair Hall, Haywards Heath

6th March

Gill Homer ‘Curious Containers’

Competition: ‘Victoriana’

PETITE max 25cm in all directions

20th March

Spring Workshop (7.00pm)

 3rd April

Lynne Carter ‘Inside Out and Upside Down’

Competition: Outside the Box

 1st May

Angie Hyde ‘Out of My Shed’

Competition: Boot Fair Bonanza

4th May

National Flower Arranging Day

5th June

Maggie Hayes ‘Anytime, Anyplace. Anywhere

Competition: Double Delight

8/9th June


‘Flowers for a Lifetime’

 10th June

Area Members’ Day (Presidents Day)

Clair Hall, Haywards Heath

 3rd July

Mary Holliday ‘Just a Bunch’

Competition: Fan-Tastic’

The Betty Marwood Memorial Salver

17th July

Summer Workshop (7.00pm)

Programme August 2019 onwards:

9th August

Coach Trip to

Floral Art & Design Show


4th September

Gaenor Circus ‘Through the Ages’

Competition: Times Past

6th September

Coach trip to RHS Wisley Gardens

 2nd October

Michelle King ‘Tooty Fruity’

Competition: Trick or Treat

28th October

Area Members Day

Clair Hall, Haywards Heath

6th November

Nina Tucknot ‘‘U’ Believe it’

Competition: Whoosh

The Delia Pilcher Award


Club Lunch

 20th November

Christmas Workshop (7.00pm)

 4th December

Lucinda Knapman ‘Countdown to Christmas’

Competition: Christmas Carol

(Artificial may be used)


5th February


4th March