Programme for  2020 – September to November:

Due to the ongoing situation re Coronavirus we are cancelling all our events scheduled up til September.  For those who have already purchased tickets your cheques have not been banked and will be destroyed. We will keep you informed as the situation progresses.
We hope everyone keeps well, take care of yourselves.

2nd September
Denise Bright ‘Back to the Future’
Competition: Space Oddity

7th October
Julie Taylor ‘Past Times’
Competition: Go Green (Foam Free)

16th October
Trip to Wisley

4th November
Elizabeth Pelley ‘Innovation’
Competition: Colour Mosaic Cushion
The Delia Pilcher Award

Programme for  2020 – November to February 2021:

9th November
Area Members Day

11th November
Christmas Workshop (7.00pm)

Club Lunch

2nd December
Christina Payne ‘Christmas Pleasures’
Competition: Candles at Christmas
(Artificial may be used)

3rd February

3rd March
Alison Gillott ‘Pocket Full of Posies
Competition: When Flowers are Few